Art Of Coding

As trends come and go there has been an upward trend!

Responsive Design

Bootstrap allows for a mobile app built into your web site!

Power apps and Flow

Azure and office 365 have exciting new app dev platforms

Useful Documentation

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Fast Delivery

Agile Development allows a quicker turn around.

Emotion and Bot APIs

Azure has some new technologies that will be very futuristic.

Some cool examples

Here are some examples of my latest efforts

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Signal R Shooter Game Real Time Web Development

Using OWIN, SignalR and Azure to build a realtime game.

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Power BI Management Dashboards

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Shooter Game Design

Taking a simple shooter game and making it online realtime with Signal R

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Customer Reviews

I may be baised... :)
Planet j built my website :) James Young.

James Young, Planetj Owner

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James Young, Planetj Owner

Hourly Rate - $ 65

This is my rate to do development projects.

  • General pricing
  • Prepurchase blocks of time
  • Volume pricing avaliable

Evaluation and Audit - $ 50

I will audit your development efforts and let you know your technical debt

  • 20 hour minumum
  • Get a quote
  • Volume Pricing available

Recording Conference - $ 45

I will record the audio of your conference or show.

  • 2 channels
  • 4 hour minumum
  • $200 setup fee

Our Clients

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Here are some sites i have built.

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Mr James Young

My personal Site

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Oncor Enrollment

Company sold, but one of my sites still up.

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Power BI

A Power BI Dashboard

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Power BI 2

A second dashboard i have.

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Power App with Workflow

I have a power app interacting with email, sharepoint and some data.